08/08/2019 Get these apps to use Windscribe on your computer. Windows Win 7, 8, 10 Old Version (XP, Vista) Mac MacOS 10.11+ Old Version (10.9-10.10) Linux Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, CentOS . Windscribe per il Tuo Browser. Get these extensions to use Windscribe in your browser. Google Chrome Chrome 39+ Firefox Firefox 57+ Opera Opera 37+ Windscribe per il Tuo Telefono. Get these apps to use Windscribe on 17/03/2020 What is Windscribe VPN? Windscribe VPN is one of the few VPN services that doesn’t ask users to pay for a subscription plan or throttle your bandwidth intentionally. It lets you connect to secure servers in 100+ cities across 63 countries.However, the free tier limits you to only a handful of North American, European, and Asian servers, which includes the United States, Canada, United Kindom 05/06/2020

11 May 2020 Windscribe is a Canadian VPN (virtual private network) that's gained popularity due to its free service and dedicated support for streaming TV.

Windscribe VPN Cost, Plans & Payment Methods. Windscribe has three paid plans. The monthly one falls around the middle of what you’d expect at $9 monthly. Whereas the annual plan offers a massive discount of over 55%+. The Yearly Plan is $4.08/month and last but not least the “Build a Plan” option costs $1.00 per location used.

Le VPN pour Chrome de Windscribe est un une solution de confidentialité et de sécurité en ligne très puissante pour le navigateur Chrome. Il chiffre les données envoyées et reçues sur internet tout en protégeant vos informations personnelles telles que les mots de passe, les e-mails, les messages instantanés et les téléchargements.

Windscribe is a powerful VPN service that delivers more than many people would expect in many areas. It is available on multiple platforms such as Linux, Android, Mac, Windows, and iOS as well as browsers including Opera, Firefox, and chrome, among numerous others.